Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunday Afternoon

They`ve all gone to her mother`s for Sunday dinner and the silence is quite deafening.I used the morning to undercoat some Great War minis French and British figs i threw in some Copplestone BOB Czech legion as well,they`re really nice figs,nice simple uniforms and still fit the bill for WW1,I`m going to start painting these figs later in the afternoon,Surrey arer playing Gloucester and i`ve got some re-arranging in the front room to do while they`re out.
In an earlier post i said i was going to concentrate,exclusively, on 28mm WW1,well my resolve lasted about 3 seconds,i am going to concentrate on WW1,but not exclusively as Copplestone "Glory of ths Sun" figs will be getting ordered very soon and i`m still toying with the TYW,i intend painting Pappenheim and his buddies as soon as i get the metallic paint palette from Foundry.
So i must get on,i have no idea what actual war the later 17th century figs will be for,but i`m looking at the wars in Central and Eastern Europe as a setting,maybe the Scanian war of the 1670`s and the wars against the Ottoman Turks from the same period/decade i just hope that Mark`s range will sell well and he`ll expand it to cover some of the more specialised troops from these regions,such as Poles and Croats etc.the one problem with the Copplestone figs is that they are so much bigger than the Eastern Renaissance range from TAG,which contains all the necessary Eastern types.


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Since posting i`ve actually compared the two and to be honest there isn`t that much difference.