Friday, 11 December 2009


It`s been a while,too long in fact,but what with work and family life etc. the hobby`s had to take a back seat.
Anyway,where am i up to?Well none of my self-imposed targets for the year have been met,so,i`m not setting any for next year,although i can see Great War Minis new Crimean War range getting a great deal of attention.I attended Recon in Pudsey last Saturday and enjoyed myself very much,some great games were on show and it was very busy-good news for the hobby.I bought the latest "Grant-Olley" offering "The Annexation of Chiraz" and found it compulsive reading,in fact,i`ve already drawn up plans to transport it 113 years into the future and set it in 1868 using Helions "1866 war" range and Eureka`s "Tyroleans" for the civillian population of Chiraz.
To be honest not much has caught my imagination recently,i await Helions new releases with happy anticipation and really can`t wait for next years Crimeans from Great War,but other than that there`s not much going on,i`m tempted by Empress` Zulu war colonial cavalry,but the thought of painting about 400 Zulus leaves me cold,maybe i`ll just concentrate on what i`ve got for now and wait for a really attractive late 16th-mid 17th century Eastern European range to be released in 28mm(sorry TAG-no offence meant).