Saturday, 18 April 2009

Saturday Morning

Well City managed to beat Hamburg on the night,but we were still able to exit Europe on aggregate and that Donkey Richard Dunne got himself sent off,which you could see coming pretty much from the start,never mind the first domestic one day cricket starts tomorrow,we`ll see how poorly Lancs perform this season(I can`t believe they`ve let Stuart Law go!).

I`ve just been reading John Preece`s latest post all about a "themed" Medieval game sounded great fun(remember that word,Andrew) and got me thinking.I`ve never been a great one for the Middle Ages,all that armour and Heraldry must be a nightmare to paint,but i`ve always been drawn towards a Germanic themed and located scenario,local barons fighting small scale skirmishes over local issues and pretty much doing their own thing,with just a little bit of fantasy thrown in,not amorphous blobs of slime,but stuff such as witches and wizards,ghosts and vampires,the sort of thing that the people of the time had a genuine belief in,if you believe something is real then it is real,at least to you.
Anyway,the point is i have an interest in the Thirty Years War and i`ve always seen it as a dark and quite forbidding period of European history,people really did think that the world was coming to an end and there was a breakdown in central authority in large parts of central Europe,just the sort of enviroment for local barons,nobles,mercenary leaders to exploit.Plus i`ve always thought that the most frightening image of a soldier is an early 17th century cuirassier,especially the ones who blackened their armour.
Now TAG do a very nice line in TYW cuirassiers and they do some very ,very nice TYW command groups-who could be anyone really so you never know i`ve got the "Pappenheim"command group on order(as we all know Pappenheim commanded the Imperial cuirassiers at Lutzen,getting himself killed in the process)so we`ll see how they turn out(all that plate armour)and take it from there.


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meadows boy said...

Ha Ha, I love your blog! Just like reading mine!

Have you ever finished anything?

I hav'nt!

Football! Just think yourself lucky you are not a Notts County fan.