Friday, 24 April 2009


Today,i`ve been,mainly,sorting through my lead pile and i`ve come to the conclusion that i`ve got nearly £1000 worth of un-painted figs,now with the country in recession and whatnot i really can`t justify carrying on like this,so i`ve made a decision,that from now on,today,April 24th i am going to concentrate exclusively on gaming/collecting WW1 in 28mm.
I get paid on Tuesday and my target is the Great War minis British artillery limber and a 13pdr gun and crew.
Just what time on tuesday will i buy some Copplestone "Glory of the Sun" figs is anyone`s guess,but i bet it won`t be too late into the day.


ps Regardless of previos posts i do rate Andrew Flintoff very highly and would always inclue him in any England team,i just don`t think he is consistent enough with either bat or ball to justify all the hype that surrounds him.

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