Thursday, 9 April 2009

Back to the Wargame

Anyway,things have been happening at speed on the Gaming front.The Helion Hungarians have arrived and they are GRRREAT,really really like them,they`ll make some great looking units when painted and based,they`re just right for units and i`m very impressed,and they`re dead easy to paint,unlike their German opponents.My Seminoles arrived from the States and they are quite simply the most Stunningly detailed and proportioned 28mm figs i`ve ever seen,they are beautiful,absolutely amazing,God knows how i`ll paint them.
I`ve ordered the first four camel riders from the Artizan "Arab Revolt" range these figs look really good and i can see this being a major developement in my WW1 gaming,if anyone has any ideas on painting camels with the Foundry paint system i`d be very grateful,Hamburg have just scored their second from a penalty,Micah Richards handled the ball in the box,come on City.Speaking of gaming in the desert,i`ve also ordered the first packs of Eritrean askaris from Anglian`s 1935 invasion of Abysinnia range,beautiful figs,really obscure war,just my thing really and i`ve still got no idea how i`m going to game it.
The Carlist war BAL riflemen arrived from Perry minis yesterday,although i only found them when i got home from the hospital at 5 am,and they are mighty fine,i think first Carlist War is going to be a major project here at "chez Andy"and i`ve seen such luminaries as Giles Alisson(i know i`ve spelt that wrong) and Phil Robinson have been sub,sorry con-verted to the cause.
I`m even starting to think about a group of mercenary BAL riflemen getting hired by the US government to hunt down some Seminole renegades in 1840`s Florida and believe it or not i got that idea from watching the latest Rambo film which i`ve got to admit i enjoyed still with John J what you see is what you get and he`s still the best.
Is there more?you bet`cha GWM have got WW1 highlanders in kilts in the pipeline,oh shit 3-1 to Hamburg,Given had no chance,and drool, drool a BEF artillery limber,my favourite, WW1 lancers and Horse artillery just sums 1914 up to me,so "as soon as" they`re mine.
And finally Marky Mark Copplestone(yes he does sculpt and cast the best figs in Britain)is producing a new range for the later 17th century and you just know i`ve got to buy them,but for which war?I fancy the Scanian war of 1675-6 and who knows,maybe a full range for Eastern Europe and the Ottomans,just imagine a Mark Copplestone sculpted Polish winged Hussar or even bettwer a wargames table full of them.

word up y`all


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