Sunday, 26 April 2009

Adventures in the Lead Pile

I`ve just been delving into my mountain of un-painted lead and i started to think about WW1 Russian figures in 28mm.When i first started in the hobby the only 28mm WWI Russians were available from Tradition at exorbitant prices(to my pocket at any rate)but now i realise that i have figs from 3 manufacturers,(Musketeer,Brigade and Copplestone) and Scarab minis have a line planned for release very soon,makes you think,dunnit.


Sunday Afternoon

They`ve all gone to her mother`s for Sunday dinner and the silence is quite deafening.I used the morning to undercoat some Great War minis French and British figs i threw in some Copplestone BOB Czech legion as well,they`re really nice figs,nice simple uniforms and still fit the bill for WW1,I`m going to start painting these figs later in the afternoon,Surrey arer playing Gloucester and i`ve got some re-arranging in the front room to do while they`re out.
In an earlier post i said i was going to concentrate,exclusively, on 28mm WW1,well my resolve lasted about 3 seconds,i am going to concentrate on WW1,but not exclusively as Copplestone "Glory of ths Sun" figs will be getting ordered very soon and i`m still toying with the TYW,i intend painting Pappenheim and his buddies as soon as i get the metallic paint palette from Foundry.
So i must get on,i have no idea what actual war the later 17th century figs will be for,but i`m looking at the wars in Central and Eastern Europe as a setting,maybe the Scanian war of the 1670`s and the wars against the Ottoman Turks from the same period/decade i just hope that Mark`s range will sell well and he`ll expand it to cover some of the more specialised troops from these regions,such as Poles and Croats etc.the one problem with the Copplestone figs is that they are so much bigger than the Eastern Renaissance range from TAG,which contains all the necessary Eastern types.


Saturday, 25 April 2009

And Then....

Today,the Pappenheim and staff command group arrived from TAG,lovely figs and the new TYW German musketeers in "boothosen" have been released,just perfect for Graf von Pappenheim`s retinue!

Friday, 24 April 2009


Today,i`ve been,mainly,sorting through my lead pile and i`ve come to the conclusion that i`ve got nearly £1000 worth of un-painted figs,now with the country in recession and whatnot i really can`t justify carrying on like this,so i`ve made a decision,that from now on,today,April 24th i am going to concentrate exclusively on gaming/collecting WW1 in 28mm.
I get paid on Tuesday and my target is the Great War minis British artillery limber and a 13pdr gun and crew.
Just what time on tuesday will i buy some Copplestone "Glory of the Sun" figs is anyone`s guess,but i bet it won`t be too late into the day.


ps Regardless of previos posts i do rate Andrew Flintoff very highly and would always inclue him in any England team,i just don`t think he is consistent enough with either bat or ball to justify all the hype that surrounds him.

Freddie`s home

Well,there you go,Mr Flintoff is back in the UK for knee surgery,what i want to know is,does he still get paid his 600 grand?

Monday, 20 April 2009


Well would you believe it ,one game into the IPL and not only does Fred`s bowling get carted all over the park and his team get beaten,thepoor love`s only gone and picked up an injury,"Andy Flintoff injured? NEVER!!" i hear you cry,but i`m afraid it`s true,when oh when will we just accept he`s NOT Sir Ian Botham,NEVER has been Sir Ian Botham and NEVER BLOODY WILL BE Sir Ian Botham?Having said that,though when are we going to pick the best wicket keeper in the country to play test match cricket and not the best wicket keeper-batsman?
Ok, got that off my chest,now back to the hobby,the Carlist war book arrived from the Perries this morning and it is a gem,the sort of book that just has it all for us War-gamers,plenty of highly detailed text to inform and lots of pretty pictures,to inspire and delight.What`s more the original book the Perries sent still hasn`t arrived and when i e-mailed them on Friday to ask for any posting details they could give me to assist my enquiries at the Post Office,they sent me another one,no questions asked, first class service from a first class company and very much appreciated.
I`ve been scouring Copplestone Castings` site all day for details of their new "Glory of the Sun" range,but so far no luck,i can`t afford any just yet any way and to be honest the new WWI British Artillery limber from Great War minis will be taking precedence when Northstar get the details up on their site.
All in all,great times,oh the new Riffian infantry from Rif Raf minis have arrived and they`re just what you`d expect from Richard Ansell sculpted figs,the proportions are perfect and the figs are slim and elegant with quite under-stated detail,i put a Riffian "grenadier" next to a Helion Prussian grenadier and i know which one i`d back in a fight,the Rif ,obviously he has hand grenades and a 20th century rifle.Will i ever paint them,of course i will ,one day.


Saturday, 18 April 2009

Saturday Afternoon

I`ve just heard that in his first game in the IPL Freddie Flintoff has gone for 22 runs off one over,and he`s getting paid in excess of £600,000 for it,honestly, they`d score a lot more off me and i`d do it for less,anyway i`ve got 26 Helion Hungarians cleaned up and ready for under-coating and Essex play Northants at 10am tomoz,so i`d better get going.


Saturday Morning

Well City managed to beat Hamburg on the night,but we were still able to exit Europe on aggregate and that Donkey Richard Dunne got himself sent off,which you could see coming pretty much from the start,never mind the first domestic one day cricket starts tomorrow,we`ll see how poorly Lancs perform this season(I can`t believe they`ve let Stuart Law go!).

I`ve just been reading John Preece`s latest post all about a "themed" Medieval game sounded great fun(remember that word,Andrew) and got me thinking.I`ve never been a great one for the Middle Ages,all that armour and Heraldry must be a nightmare to paint,but i`ve always been drawn towards a Germanic themed and located scenario,local barons fighting small scale skirmishes over local issues and pretty much doing their own thing,with just a little bit of fantasy thrown in,not amorphous blobs of slime,but stuff such as witches and wizards,ghosts and vampires,the sort of thing that the people of the time had a genuine belief in,if you believe something is real then it is real,at least to you.
Anyway,the point is i have an interest in the Thirty Years War and i`ve always seen it as a dark and quite forbidding period of European history,people really did think that the world was coming to an end and there was a breakdown in central authority in large parts of central Europe,just the sort of enviroment for local barons,nobles,mercenary leaders to exploit.Plus i`ve always thought that the most frightening image of a soldier is an early 17th century cuirassier,especially the ones who blackened their armour.
Now TAG do a very nice line in TYW cuirassiers and they do some very ,very nice TYW command groups-who could be anyone really so you never know i`ve got the "Pappenheim"command group on order(as we all know Pappenheim commanded the Imperial cuirassiers at Lutzen,getting himself killed in the process)so we`ll see how they turn out(all that plate armour)and take it from there.


Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Maybe? I`ve under-coated a Carlist infantryman,an Eritrean Ascari,and another Helion Hungarian,maybe i should specialise more?
Can`t decide what unit to paint my Carlists as,i`m wondering whether to paint the current figs up as Chapelgorris,who fought for the Isabelinos and were present at the battle of Oriamendi,the "orbat" of which i`m using as a basis for collecting my armies.
I`ve cleaned up an Artizan Arab camel rider but i`m not happy about his actual position on his camel,he looks too far forward and very uncomfortable,oh well we`ll see.
I`m going off to listen to Porto beat the Manc. SCUM now and make a start on preparing some more figures.


Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sunday,April 12th

No figs painted ,listened to City lose 3-1 at home to Fulham(HOW??)and drank a lot of beer,cooked a nice roast dinner and played with my children,good day on the whole,with regard to the hobby..pure crap!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

More Easter Thoughts

Ok,were was i,oh yes,the point is even if i limit myself to the wars /projects mentioned before it`s only a matter of time before someone brings out a new range and i`ve got to buy them eg Copplestone Castings will be releasing a new mid 17th century range sometime within the next two weeks and i`m very tempted,rumour has it that GWM are going to be releasing a Crimean War range soon and i`ll be more than tempted,and it`s only a matter of time before someone releases a US-Mexico War range and then i`m sunk.
So what is the answer,well i`m hanged if i know,i suppose i`ll just plod on and try to get summat finished,maybe i shouldn`t set myself targets?or maybe i should just get on with it and start painting some figures and stop thinking too much about the whys and wherefores of it all.
I `ve actually started the Helion Austro-Hungarians that arrived last week and they are little beauties that will make fantastic looking units,i`ve also got some Carlists from Perry minis sat in the kitchen and i`ve got a Conquest Seminole primed and ready to go,so starting tomorrow,new baby,3 daughters and extremely tired partner allowing,i`m going to begin painting them.I`ve got some Anglian Eritrean Askaris on order,Artisan Arab irregulars and the Rif samples to get on with as well and the "very nice man" i work for has told me i don`t need to come back to work until May 4th,so we`ll see how it goes.


Easter thoughts

Crap title really,but it`s Easter and i`ve been thinking so it seemed appropriate.What about?i hear you cry,well the fact that even if i streamline my interests and i only collect and paint the figs i really really want it`s still going to take forever,or is that the point?a collection of wargames figures is always a work in progress and it`s never really complete,or do you take a project to a certain point and then move on to something else,maybe to return to it later,or draw a line under it?Or,am i missing the whole point,that it`s a hobby,meant to be relaxing and fun and i should stop f*&king worrying about it and just get on with it,maybe?
For anyone interested i`ve narrowed my current interests down to the following,not in historical order:
First Carlist War 1834-41(you know i`m not too sure those are the correct dates)
First Schleswig-Holstein War 1848-50
WW1 Western front August1914-(about)April 1915
WW1 in Palestine and Mesopotamia
Second Seminole War 1835-42
Austro-Prussian War 1866
Italian invasion of Abyssinia 1935-36
The Thirty Years War 1618-48(including Poles,Turks and Muscovites)
And i`ve just sent off for some samples for the Rif War 1927(ish)

But i can hear my baby daughter crying and i`ve just heard Sarah singing "All By Myself" which i think is a non too subtle hint so i`d better go......more on this subject later.


Thursday, 9 April 2009

17th March

Oh,by the way,i never got to the Triples,but i got the figures,Result.

Back to the Wargame

Anyway,things have been happening at speed on the Gaming front.The Helion Hungarians have arrived and they are GRRREAT,really really like them,they`ll make some great looking units when painted and based,they`re just right for units and i`m very impressed,and they`re dead easy to paint,unlike their German opponents.My Seminoles arrived from the States and they are quite simply the most Stunningly detailed and proportioned 28mm figs i`ve ever seen,they are beautiful,absolutely amazing,God knows how i`ll paint them.
I`ve ordered the first four camel riders from the Artizan "Arab Revolt" range these figs look really good and i can see this being a major developement in my WW1 gaming,if anyone has any ideas on painting camels with the Foundry paint system i`d be very grateful,Hamburg have just scored their second from a penalty,Micah Richards handled the ball in the box,come on City.Speaking of gaming in the desert,i`ve also ordered the first packs of Eritrean askaris from Anglian`s 1935 invasion of Abysinnia range,beautiful figs,really obscure war,just my thing really and i`ve still got no idea how i`m going to game it.
The Carlist war BAL riflemen arrived from Perry minis yesterday,although i only found them when i got home from the hospital at 5 am,and they are mighty fine,i think first Carlist War is going to be a major project here at "chez Andy"and i`ve seen such luminaries as Giles Alisson(i know i`ve spelt that wrong) and Phil Robinson have been sub,sorry con-verted to the cause.
I`m even starting to think about a group of mercenary BAL riflemen getting hired by the US government to hunt down some Seminole renegades in 1840`s Florida and believe it or not i got that idea from watching the latest Rambo film which i`ve got to admit i enjoyed still with John J what you see is what you get and he`s still the best.
Is there more?you bet`cha GWM have got WW1 highlanders in kilts in the pipeline,oh shit 3-1 to Hamburg,Given had no chance,and drool, drool a BEF artillery limber,my favourite, WW1 lancers and Horse artillery just sums 1914 up to me,so "as soon as" they`re mine.
And finally Marky Mark Copplestone(yes he does sculpt and cast the best figs in Britain)is producing a new range for the later 17th century and you just know i`ve got to buy them,but for which war?I fancy the Scanian war of 1675-6 and who knows,maybe a full range for Eastern Europe and the Ottomans,just imagine a Mark Copplestone sculpted Polish winged Hussar or even bettwer a wargames table full of them.

word up y`all


It`s a girl!

At 01.57 this morning(obviously)my gorgeous partner gave birth to our fourth daughter,another stunner(they all take after their mother).We`ve named her Orla-Grace Epiphany,or "piffy"for short,she weighed in at 7lbs 13oz,considering the size of Sarah`s baby bump i expected at least 10lbs,but there was a lot of water.She`s a bit snotty,the baby,but ,otherwise,both mother and baby are doing fine and the girls and i can`t wait to get them home,which will be,hopefully,tomorrow lunch-time.So i`d just like to say "Thank you",Sarah for another perfect child,I love you very much.
Does anyone honestly think i`m going to call her "Piffy" in public,at least not sober,or maybe i will just to annoy people.