Friday, 30 January 2009


Last night went well,i had a laugh,got drunk,and spent a lot of money which i could have bought figures with,still it`s only once in a while,yet i still have a deflated feeling about the whole going out thing,probably my age.
The Anglian Abysinnians have arrived,top class service from Mr Higgins and i`m going to undercoat them forthwith,as usual no flash and very little in the way of cleaning up needed,just a couple of mould lines to remove and i`m away,so without further ado...


ps I`ve really got the urge to order some Carlists from Perry minis,but i`m going to resist,it`ll pass,i hope.

Thursday, 29 January 2009


Been to B&Qtoday to price up flooring and paint for the kitchen,measurements have been taken and duly noted and tomorrow we are off to purchase the requisite amounts and then to the enemy(Asda)to do some shopping,i feel the need to buy beer to stimulate/lubricate my DIY nodules.Should be a fun weekend,City won 2-1 last night and we play Stoke on Saturday should be 6 out of 6,but you never know.It`s a lunch-time kick off and i`m sure she`ll let me off diying for 105 mins to watch it.
On the wargaming/painting front i still haven`t been into work to pick up my tables(i can`t be arsed)and i`ve decided to wait for the Anglian minis regular Abysinnians to arrive before i attempt to paint anything else,i seem to go in fits and starts when it comes to painting nothing for ages and then non-stop until i hit a full stop,bit like Kevin Petersen`s run scoring.I definitely intend to paint some of the Abysinnians up as gendarmerie,just so`s i can give them a nicely coloured rosette on their sun-helmets.Should be an interesting army,but i still can`t figure out how i`m going to use them,any info on the 1935-6 invasion of Aysinnia would be gratefully recieved.
Oh well,she`s complaining that her back and leg are hurting again,so i have to go to school to pick our eldest daughter up,suppose i`d better put some trousers on i think they`re essential for the school run.


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Wonderful World

What a great time to be a wargamer!Anglian minis have released some regular Abysinnians for their 1935-6 range,Rif Raf minis have a range of figs in the pipeline for the Riffian war of the 1920`s and Matt Golding`s figs for the First Schleswig war should be in production by the middle of February,oh and have i mentioned the first test match between England and the West Indies starts on Feb 4th.Helion`s Austro-Hungarians should be released any day(if not already)and Great War`s Belgians can`t be far off,if only i could motivate myself to paint something!!!!I know,i keep buying figs,prep them then consign them to a box for "the future-i`ll paint them one day scenario".
Still at least i`ll have some English cricket to watch soon,and we should be able to win this one although after the Stanford series,who knows?Australia have been less than impressive against South Africa(or have the Proteas been truly awesome-a bit of both i think)so there`s a good chance of regaining the Ashes,especially on our crappy wickets.
I`m going to wait for Matt to release his Danes and Schleswigers before i buy any more figs,as i still have the Helion Austrians and Conquest Seminoles on order.Although i`ve e-mailed Anglian for a paypal invoice for the Abysinnian regulars,although i can`t imagine what sort of game to use them in,maybe i`ll just paint them(yeah,like i paint anything these days).
I`m off out on Thursday night for the first time in forever,so much beer will be drunk,many women will be ogled and much bollocks will be talked,still it`s nice to get out once in a while.


Sunday, 25 January 2009


Just to say i`ve put two wallpaper pasting tables away at work for me to purchase on payday.This will give me a playing surface some 6 feet by 4 feet,now i just need to paint some figures and it looks like Danes and Schleswig-Holsteiners will be first,as the new figs should be available for mid-Feb,Great news.

Friday, 16 January 2009


I thought a quick update was in order,well i`ve done absolutely nothing in the last ten days!No motivation,or maybe just a lack of sunlight,who knows?Over on Matt Golding`s blog his range of figs for the First Schleswig war continues to grow and hopefully next month might see the first releases,I hope so,also i recently recieved an e-mail from Conquest Minis,the new Seminoles have been held up due to moulding issues,it`s a relief to know that i will be recieving the figs and that i didn`t muck the order up.I recieved my copy of Battlegames "Table top Teasers" yesterday,i`ve had a quick flick through and there looks to be a great deal of interesting topics therein,if only i could find a spare couple of hours to read it,and do some painting and read the books i got at Xmas etc.
Oh well real life(work) is calling me,so until the next time....


Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Year Thoughts

I know it`s late,but `appy new year everybody!I have a new baby due in April and all the signs are it`s a girl,so that`ll be four daughters,can`t wait for puberty,hormones and five sets of periods a month,rockin`.On the gaming front i`m waiting for the Helion Hungarians to arrive and in the meantime i`m painting up some TAG Krakow militia and some Great War British cavalry,should be fun.I got a 21 disc box set of Laurel and Hardy dvds for Xmas,as well as the book on Ivan the Terrible`s military campaigns and all the other bits and bobs we chaps get,speaking of "bobs"my sister-in-law bought the girls season four of "Spongebob Squarepants" which now resides in my dvd cabinet,essential viewing,has anyone else noticed the numerous levels that spongebob works on,or is it just me?
Just been reading Dave Woodward`s blog and i am very saddened by the news therein,but i hope he`ll keep his chin up and get through it,he is truly a great asset to our hobby.
Anyway,my 3 year old is downstairs and it`s all very quiet so i`d better go see what she`s up to.