Monday, 20 April 2009


Well would you believe it ,one game into the IPL and not only does Fred`s bowling get carted all over the park and his team get beaten,thepoor love`s only gone and picked up an injury,"Andy Flintoff injured? NEVER!!" i hear you cry,but i`m afraid it`s true,when oh when will we just accept he`s NOT Sir Ian Botham,NEVER has been Sir Ian Botham and NEVER BLOODY WILL BE Sir Ian Botham?Having said that,though when are we going to pick the best wicket keeper in the country to play test match cricket and not the best wicket keeper-batsman?
Ok, got that off my chest,now back to the hobby,the Carlist war book arrived from the Perries this morning and it is a gem,the sort of book that just has it all for us War-gamers,plenty of highly detailed text to inform and lots of pretty pictures,to inspire and delight.What`s more the original book the Perries sent still hasn`t arrived and when i e-mailed them on Friday to ask for any posting details they could give me to assist my enquiries at the Post Office,they sent me another one,no questions asked, first class service from a first class company and very much appreciated.
I`ve been scouring Copplestone Castings` site all day for details of their new "Glory of the Sun" range,but so far no luck,i can`t afford any just yet any way and to be honest the new WWI British Artillery limber from Great War minis will be taking precedence when Northstar get the details up on their site.
All in all,great times,oh the new Riffian infantry from Rif Raf minis have arrived and they`re just what you`d expect from Richard Ansell sculpted figs,the proportions are perfect and the figs are slim and elegant with quite under-stated detail,i put a Riffian "grenadier" next to a Helion Prussian grenadier and i know which one i`d back in a fight,the Rif ,obviously he has hand grenades and a 20th century rifle.Will i ever paint them,of course i will ,one day.



johnpreece said...


I find myself agreeing with all you say. Obviously you are a wise man.

Richard Ansell is a wonder, I am tempted to do periods just because he is designing figures for them.

In a way the glut of great all rounders in the seventies, (Botham, Imran Khan, Hadlee, Kapil Dev) made selectors lazy, usually a man who can bat a bit and bowl a bit will fail at both at test level. The same is true in spades for wicketkeepers.

And yes lovely though the Loius 14 figures are i am not sure it is enough to enthuse me to paint a full army.


Hi John,

I`ve been called a lot of things,but never wise,thank you for your interest in my thoughts,it`s nice to know i`m not the only one.