Wednesday, 18 February 2009

502 in the lead

There is no way England are going to lose the test match,there i`ve said it and i stand by it! At least getting visited by the local scum (were they united fans?probably)has solved the problem of what to get my beloved for her B`day a new phone in the shape of a LG Cookie,job done.
The new Danes and Schleswigers have arrived,very nice "old school" looking figs they look really good as a unit and by the time i`ve got an army assembled and painted (and Man City are champions of Europe) well the table will look really good.
Forty one days to go to the due date of our happy event,at least i get two weeks away from that shit-hole i work in.
I`m suddenly rejuvenated with the hobby as a whole 1848,1866(end of the month for the Austro-Hungarians ) and ,sod it,i`m going for Carlists as well.I seriously think that Eastern Europe in the 17th Century has had it,sorry TAG i like your figs and i love the period,but i`m ony human.WW1 has taken a back seat of late but it`s only until the Belgians are released and then i`ll be back in Flanders in 1914.Oh well at least i`m now fully focused on the later 19th century(if you can call 1830`s-40`s later?) i can and at the end of the day it`s ony a hobby isn`t it?

Monday, 16 February 2009

Thieving BASTARDS!!!!

Once again the slime that infects our society have decided to help themselves to other peoples belongings,in other words we`ve been burgulared again.They didn`t get much,just Sarah`s handbag which contained her phone,purse,bank details etc. but that`s not the point, i bought her the bag in Turkey last summer and she loved it,it cost 245 ytl about £120,but again that`s not the bloody point it `s her bag and these thieving scumbags think they can violate our home and help themselves to our things.They also took a dvd player which contained a Laurel and Hardy dvd,which is probably worth more than the player,they also left behind well over £100 worth of easily accessible perfume which just goes to show that not only are these people shit they are stupid shit,but no doubt think they are some sort of "gangstas" as i said they are nothing more than stupid,thieving slime.Rant over they aren`t worth it.
On to more interesting things,the figs for the First Schleswig war should arrive mid-week,and a painting post will follow i`m really looking forward to getting some paint on these figs as it`s a very colourful period and should look great on the table-top.I`m still waiting for the Seminoles from Conquest but i`m waiting in hope and you never know what today`s post will bring.
Anway i`m getting pestered to let my youngest play on "bunnytown" and i need to get them ready to go out to McDonalds for lunch so i`d better go.Oh but just one last thing,surely after the start we`ve had in the Third Test(301 for 3) we can`t lose this one,or can we?


Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Ashes 2009

We`re going to get screwed!

Poor Punctuation

Should have been ? instead of ! but still.All i can say is bring on the Ashes.

51 ALL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the f"@k was that all about!

Friday, 6 February 2009

And on the Third Day......

It seems like the first test is heading for a draw.As i type this the West Indies are approaching a first innings lead,with only an hour left to play on the third day it seems there is little chance of a result,still at least England won`t loose,or is that the kiss of death?
Hopefully the first battalion of Danes for the war of 1848 will be with me in the next week or so and the Helion Austrians by the end of the month,so there`s much to look forward to,i`m really looking forward to getting the 1848 project underway and i`m sure that it`s going to be the start of something approaching an obsession,in an earlier post i mentioned 16 figure battalions,but that`s just to get things moving and to build up gameable armies,i`m already toying with the idea of mid nineteenth century imagi-nations(uniformed as Danes and Germans of course) and using a larger unit organisation,but that`s for the future.
Helion are hoping to have Austrian hussars released for March,so i`ll be building up a balanced force of Austro-Hungarians for the war of 1866,along side my 1848 armies.
Sarah,my partner,is currently at work for her last shift before she begins her maternity leave and becomes a full-time mum,so with the kids in bed,even though they`re still awake,i`m going to go and make my supper and watch England finish off the West Indies tail.


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

First Test Match starts today,HURRAH!!!!

2.30pm and the first test between England and the West Indies gets underway,i can`t wait,i`ve reserved the BIG television for exclusive viewing rights and i have beer chillin` in da fridge mon.My beach towel is ready to be spread out and all i need are the Carib Beer girls to make the day complete,suppose i`ll settle for my 3 little angels,make that 4 or is it 5 i should count my better half as two as she is only 7 weeks away from driving the final nail into my coffin and giving birth to our fourth daughter(only kidding,Sarah).
On other fronts,Work`s still a pile of SHIT,and 99% of my colleagues are TOSSERS,still at least i`ve got my home,family and hobby to escape to(if you`re reading this Mark,yeah that is aimed at you).
Speaking of "hobby" i picked up my two pasting tables yesterday so i now have a 6ft by 4 ft gaming table,Matt Golding has made his figs available for pre-order,at a very reasonable price i may add,so Schleswig-Holstein,1848 here i come.I`ve decided to go for the orders of battle given in the wargamer`s guide to the battle of Schleswig booklet,using a 16 fig battalion size just to get things moving,and the plan is to have the armies bought,maybe even painted for the end of the year,the only distractions allowed are Helion 1866 figs,Great War Belgians and Seminoles if they ever arrive,only 2 months,but they look worth it.
I`m on day off today,so i`m cooking brekkie so i`d better get off and do it,eggy crumpets and kippers for me and ready brek for her.