Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Whilst perusing the internet i happened upon The Miniatures Page and as usual i had a look at the new releases therein and i was really taken with the new range of Tyroleans released by Eureka minis of Australia.Now these figs are intended for the first decade of the nineteenth century to do battle with Napoleonic French and Bavarians,as i have very little interest in Naps i immediately stated to think of other uses for them.
I assume that Tyrolean dress stayed pretty much the same for most of the 19th century so i`m going to buy some figs paint `em up and use them as irregulars/rebels but i`m going to put them in a later 19th century setting,the 1860`s to be more precise,and use the Helion Austrians and Germans as opposition,obviously this never happened in real life,but i have been thinking about setting my later 19th century games in imaginary lands,basing the armies on their German and Austrian counterparts.
One thing i have a problem with are suitable names for the protagonists,the common way seems to be to use the names of German beers,so we could have "Bakalar"(that`s a Czech one),or "Zwiec"(that`s a Polish one) it`s something i`m going to have to work on.
Anyway, i have decided on a name for the area inhabited by the "Tyroleans" and it`s going to be the "LechMark" with a principal town of "Koneigstadt" and several smaller towns and villages and the population will be organised along the lines of the Scottish clans-should be interesting,i`ll post more when i know more.