Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Maybe? I`ve under-coated a Carlist infantryman,an Eritrean Ascari,and another Helion Hungarian,maybe i should specialise more?
Can`t decide what unit to paint my Carlists as,i`m wondering whether to paint the current figs up as Chapelgorris,who fought for the Isabelinos and were present at the battle of Oriamendi,the "orbat" of which i`m using as a basis for collecting my armies.
I`ve cleaned up an Artizan Arab camel rider but i`m not happy about his actual position on his camel,he looks too far forward and very uncomfortable,oh well we`ll see.
I`m going off to listen to Porto beat the Manc. SCUM now and make a start on preparing some more figures.


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