Monday, 24 August 2009


The Austrian hussars from Helion arrived today and they are beautiful figs.I`ve bought the 2 "skirmishing" packs,the "casualties" pack and the command in reserve pack,i`m going to paint some as the 14th regiment,but i`m going to paint some to represent the other regiments,which ones i`m not too sure yet,and make up some vignettes and skirmishing bases.When i buy a full regiment of figs the first will be painted as the 14th and will consist of 3 command figures and 15 rank and file(12 troopers and 3 ncos).The question is will they be charging or in reserve?


Sunday, 23 August 2009

The ASHES come home

What a fantastic display from the England cricket team,a truly worthy win,we`ve been the best team this series and the result is a fair one,and we`ve done it without Freddie or KP enough said,Graeme Swann and Stuart Broad we salute you!Johnathon Trott,you are English despite your accent.
Belgian infantry are still number one on the painting table,but i`m wondering about chasseur a pied uniforms and the exact colour of "Marengo Grey"although the sources say it varied.
I`m still waiting for my Austro-Hungarian hussars from Helion,but they`ll be here soon,i hope,and the uniform will be for the 14th regiment,nice red trousers.


Monday, 10 August 2009


Not only did i recieve the first pack of GWM WW1 Belgian infantry,then 3 days later the first pack of carbiniers turn up,so at the minute,what with the cricket finishing a couple of days early,i`m painting up one of each to get the colours right.The line infantry are pretty straightforward with very dark blue overcoats and grey-blue trousers,but according to the Osprey book,the carbiniers` dark green coats were actually black and their "marengo grey"trousers varied in shade.So i`ve gone with the Foundry "Russian Green"palette for the coats(it`s a green shade of black,i know what i mean) and i`m using the "Granite"palette for the trousers,it`s a brownish shade of grey and it looks right to me,so i`m happy.At the moment i`ve only painted the coats and trousers so the figs still look very dark,but once i get some flesh on them they should start to brighten up.
I`ve just finished watching "Mongol"so i`ve now got the urge to go and buy some TAG Tartars and start dabbling in 17th century Eastern Europe again,maybe one day?


Friday, 7 August 2009

Normal service has been resumed.

102 all out,says it all,ah well,we had the Ashes in our grasp,still there`s always 2011 in Australia.On a brighter note the GWM Belgians have arrived and they are stunning,and i mean STUNNING,great looking figs and the poses are pretty similar,so i could actually use them as a formed unit,who knows,the little heard of Franco-Belgian war of 1911 could soon be gamed on a table-top in Oldham.
The S-H jagers have arrived from Waterloo to Mons and they`re pretty nice too,well worth the wait.Artizan have released some Sharifan infantry in their WW1 range and i`m very tempted,although they are just British infantry with Arab head-dresses.
Next week sees the release of Helions Austrian hussars,so that`s cool.