Monday, 15 December 2008

It`s Just Not Cricket

The title says it all,HOW did we manage to lose the first test against India? I really do give up sometimes,but i`ll still be getting up at 0400 to cheer on the boys in the second test.
On the wargaming front things are looking good,i`ve finished the first four Helion Prussians,just got the shoulder-boards to paint light blue and then base them.Next up are a Great War minis WW1 German artillery crew and 77mm gun,and then(hopefully)the Helion Hungarians will have arrived and i can start my production line.
Great War have released the cavalry and i can feel a last minute Xmas pressie coming on,still they`ll have to wait until payday on Friday,until next time....

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Oh,by the way,New Zealand start their first test match against the West Indies tonight at 10pm and then at 0345am it`s the mighty England against India,come on KP and the boys no matter how bad you become i`ll always support you,actually,we`re not that bad at test match cricket,just the other types,oh well you can`t choose your obsessions.



Good Evening,
First up,a big thank you to Matt Golding for my first ever comment on the blog,it`s seriously appreciated.Painting has been going slowly,due to a serious case of the dreaded "man-flu" and the fact i work for a complete set of "tools".Anyhoo,i`ve only got the metal work and the heads to finish on my Helion figs and they should see the light of day,any day now(i hope).
Went to Recon in Pudsey at the weekend,it`s a nice "regional" show,but it did seem a lot quieter than previous visits,may have been the affects of the "flu!" Pre-ordered some Seminoles from Conquest at the weekend,and i am currently planning a Vietnam type game set in the 1830`s rather than the 1960`s(no Jimi Hendrix then). I`m currently awaiting the release of the Great War Minis cavalry with baited breath and they will hopefully be my last purchase before Xmas.