Saturday, 11 April 2009

More Easter Thoughts

Ok,were was i,oh yes,the point is even if i limit myself to the wars /projects mentioned before it`s only a matter of time before someone brings out a new range and i`ve got to buy them eg Copplestone Castings will be releasing a new mid 17th century range sometime within the next two weeks and i`m very tempted,rumour has it that GWM are going to be releasing a Crimean War range soon and i`ll be more than tempted,and it`s only a matter of time before someone releases a US-Mexico War range and then i`m sunk.
So what is the answer,well i`m hanged if i know,i suppose i`ll just plod on and try to get summat finished,maybe i shouldn`t set myself targets?or maybe i should just get on with it and start painting some figures and stop thinking too much about the whys and wherefores of it all.
I `ve actually started the Helion Austro-Hungarians that arrived last week and they are little beauties that will make fantastic looking units,i`ve also got some Carlists from Perry minis sat in the kitchen and i`ve got a Conquest Seminole primed and ready to go,so starting tomorrow,new baby,3 daughters and extremely tired partner allowing,i`m going to begin painting them.I`ve got some Anglian Eritrean Askaris on order,Artisan Arab irregulars and the Rif samples to get on with as well and the "very nice man" i work for has told me i don`t need to come back to work until May 4th,so we`ll see how it goes.


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