Thursday, 8 July 2010


We all get them,the urge to buy shiny new figures for no good reason,we rush out,buy the latest releases,drool over them,maybe even undercoat some,posibly even paint some,the put them away when the urge passes.
I was rationalising my collection a few days ago and i put my figs into three groups:
1) current projects
2) future projects
3) urges
Believe it or not the current projects are by far the smallest group with "urges" the largest.I can`t believe the amount of figs i`ve bought on impulse and the amount of money i`ve wasted.
Of late i`m managing to control my "urges" and i find the impulse to buy passes after a few days,but i`m starting to wonder if i`ve got some kind of medical condition, am i a `holic of some sort?Who knows, i have been drinking a lot of coffee recently.


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