Thursday, 29 July 2010

Good Day

Today the new Perry French Foreign Legion arrived and they are super little figures,plenty of character and detail,just what you`d expect really.I`m going to use the Foundry "Storm Blue" palette for their overcoats as this gives a darkish blue with a definite grey tint to it,trousers are going to be the Winter red ones as i think this is more appropriate for fighting in Spain and it can get quite cold and wet in Algeria,as at the seige of Constantine in October 1837.I will paint some in the Summer white trousers in time.
On a more unhappy note i`ve just realised that my order to Caliver Books for a book on the battle of Camerone and some of the excellent,Mark Copplestone sculpted figures (Captain Danjou and friends) may have gone astray as i gave my adress as being in Afghanistan,oops!I`ve e-mailed Caliver pointing out my mistake and i`m still waiting for a response,but i`m sure they`d have spotted the mistake and contacted me if there was an issue,the Post Office on the other hand.........


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