Thursday, 1 July 2010

Still Alive

Is it really July 1st?
Of course it is and just where have i been?well,still here but what with one thing and another i just haven`t had chance to post.
So,what`s been going on?Well,firstly we`ve moved house,just five minutes up he road and round the corner then another corner and another etc.but the house is about four times the size of our old "rabbit hutch"and is in much better order,so we`ve been busy moving,decorating,paying for carpets etc.which hasn`t left much time for owt else `cept work of course which still sucks.
I hadn`t done much on the hobby front for a while but today i actually did a bit of painting,it was only a bit as well,the recipients being Captain Fred Benteen`s and an "enthusiastic" Austrian infantry officer` s trousers,well the basecoat anyway;more of which later.


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