Friday, 2 July 2010

Two in two

That`s two posts in two days,i really am setting blog-world alight!
Anyway,what about my hobby exploits! Well,I`m still well and truly ensconced in the mid nineteenth century and what a golden age Helion Austro-Prussians,Boothill Miniatures Texan war of independence,GWM Crimean war figs.Waterloo to Mons First Schleswig-Holstein War,Perry Minis First Carlist War need i continue? I think i`ve run out anyway,but not only do these figs make the wars mentioned possible what about the sidelines?
Combine Helion Austrians and GWM Russians and the Magyar war of 1848 bcomes a real possibility,I know the Austrians wore a bell topped shako in that war,but who`s counting?Let`s not forget my other interest`s: Early WW1 on the Western front and the American Indian Wars,well Custer`s last stand actually,although on reading several accounts it could have been Keogh`s last stand! interested? me too,you never know that one could actually get off the ground.


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Matt said...

I must say the Magyar War is very interesting...I have been looking at various Napoleonic Austrians etc to convert...perhaps when the "plastics" come out?