Friday, 30 July 2010


I need one,that blast of heat as you step off the plane tells you,"you`re there".Then you`ve got 14 nights of arguing kids,irritable spouse/partner,and really annoying foreign locals who steal your kids and tell you that their bar is better than their brother`s/uncle`s/father`s,whatever.
I still want one though.We went to Marmaris,in Turkey,two years ago-what a shit-hole!We stayed in a suburb! called Armuatalan,2 km from the beach-yeah in a straight line, more like 6km by dolmus.I`d still rather be there than here though.
Our next hols are Florida for the kids either(more than likely)DisneyLand or Universal,either way the Police speak English(i hope)and it`s clean-it`s gotta be cleaner than Marmaris ,the corporation dump is!

Anyway,wherever you`re off to have fun,enjoy yourselves,remember you`re British,and we probably used to own the country and above all wear Manchester City shirts and play cricket on the beach/park/any grassy area you can find.



Matt said...

I am 72 hours away from my holiday. Incredibly my eldest has managed to break his left arm completely in both of his forearm bones. I have managed to grab two and a half hours of sleep in the last forty eight. My missus is obviously pampered because she has had a minimum of ten minutes more-WAGS what the hey! We are so knackered we can barely stand and the couple (and their kids) we are going on holiday with are completely unaware of this particular disaster. Enjoy your hols please!(I cunningly tried to avoid the "enjoy your break" comment for some reason!).



Oh my goodness,I hope everything is as ok as it can be and you still manage to have a good time.

All the best,