Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Year Thoughts

I know it`s late,but `appy new year everybody!I have a new baby due in April and all the signs are it`s a girl,so that`ll be four daughters,can`t wait for puberty,hormones and five sets of periods a month,rockin`.On the gaming front i`m waiting for the Helion Hungarians to arrive and in the meantime i`m painting up some TAG Krakow militia and some Great War British cavalry,should be fun.I got a 21 disc box set of Laurel and Hardy dvds for Xmas,as well as the book on Ivan the Terrible`s military campaigns and all the other bits and bobs we chaps get,speaking of "bobs"my sister-in-law bought the girls season four of "Spongebob Squarepants" which now resides in my dvd cabinet,essential viewing,has anyone else noticed the numerous levels that spongebob works on,or is it just me?
Just been reading Dave Woodward`s blog and i am very saddened by the news therein,but i hope he`ll keep his chin up and get through it,he is truly a great asset to our hobby.
Anyway,my 3 year old is downstairs and it`s all very quiet so i`d better go see what she`s up to.


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