Friday, 16 January 2009


I thought a quick update was in order,well i`ve done absolutely nothing in the last ten days!No motivation,or maybe just a lack of sunlight,who knows?Over on Matt Golding`s blog his range of figs for the First Schleswig war continues to grow and hopefully next month might see the first releases,I hope so,also i recently recieved an e-mail from Conquest Minis,the new Seminoles have been held up due to moulding issues,it`s a relief to know that i will be recieving the figs and that i didn`t muck the order up.I recieved my copy of Battlegames "Table top Teasers" yesterday,i`ve had a quick flick through and there looks to be a great deal of interesting topics therein,if only i could find a spare couple of hours to read it,and do some painting and read the books i got at Xmas etc.
Oh well real life(work) is calling me,so until the next time....


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