Monday, 15 December 2008

It`s Just Not Cricket

The title says it all,HOW did we manage to lose the first test against India? I really do give up sometimes,but i`ll still be getting up at 0400 to cheer on the boys in the second test.
On the wargaming front things are looking good,i`ve finished the first four Helion Prussians,just got the shoulder-boards to paint light blue and then base them.Next up are a Great War minis WW1 German artillery crew and 77mm gun,and then(hopefully)the Helion Hungarians will have arrived and i can start my production line.
Great War have released the cavalry and i can feel a last minute Xmas pressie coming on,still they`ll have to wait until payday on Friday,until next time....

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Matt said...

English cricket...Gord 'elp us!