Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Wonderful World

What a great time to be a wargamer!Anglian minis have released some regular Abysinnians for their 1935-6 range,Rif Raf minis have a range of figs in the pipeline for the Riffian war of the 1920`s and Matt Golding`s figs for the First Schleswig war should be in production by the middle of February,oh and have i mentioned the first test match between England and the West Indies starts on Feb 4th.Helion`s Austro-Hungarians should be released any day(if not already)and Great War`s Belgians can`t be far off,if only i could motivate myself to paint something!!!!I know,i keep buying figs,prep them then consign them to a box for "the future-i`ll paint them one day scenario".
Still at least i`ll have some English cricket to watch soon,and we should be able to win this one although after the Stanford series,who knows?Australia have been less than impressive against South Africa(or have the Proteas been truly awesome-a bit of both i think)so there`s a good chance of regaining the Ashes,especially on our crappy wickets.
I`m going to wait for Matt to release his Danes and Schleswigers before i buy any more figs,as i still have the Helion Austrians and Conquest Seminoles on order.Although i`ve e-mailed Anglian for a paypal invoice for the Abysinnian regulars,although i can`t imagine what sort of game to use them in,maybe i`ll just paint them(yeah,like i paint anything these days).
I`m off out on Thursday night for the first time in forever,so much beer will be drunk,many women will be ogled and much bollocks will be talked,still it`s nice to get out once in a while.


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