Thursday, 29 January 2009


Been to B&Qtoday to price up flooring and paint for the kitchen,measurements have been taken and duly noted and tomorrow we are off to purchase the requisite amounts and then to the enemy(Asda)to do some shopping,i feel the need to buy beer to stimulate/lubricate my DIY nodules.Should be a fun weekend,City won 2-1 last night and we play Stoke on Saturday should be 6 out of 6,but you never know.It`s a lunch-time kick off and i`m sure she`ll let me off diying for 105 mins to watch it.
On the wargaming/painting front i still haven`t been into work to pick up my tables(i can`t be arsed)and i`ve decided to wait for the Anglian minis regular Abysinnians to arrive before i attempt to paint anything else,i seem to go in fits and starts when it comes to painting nothing for ages and then non-stop until i hit a full stop,bit like Kevin Petersen`s run scoring.I definitely intend to paint some of the Abysinnians up as gendarmerie,just so`s i can give them a nicely coloured rosette on their sun-helmets.Should be an interesting army,but i still can`t figure out how i`m going to use them,any info on the 1935-6 invasion of Aysinnia would be gratefully recieved.
Oh well,she`s complaining that her back and leg are hurting again,so i have to go to school to pick our eldest daughter up,suppose i`d better put some trousers on i think they`re essential for the school run.


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