Thursday, 12 March 2009


Whilst i wait i`ve started to paint up some Great War BEF cavalry and some Anglian regular army Abysinnians,it`s odd,but,no matter how many figs i`ve got in my lead K2 i still yearn for new figs to arrive rather than paint the "must haves"/"can`t live withouts"that reside in numerous shoe boxes on top of my book shelves.
I ordered some TAG Spanish sword and buckler men for the early Italian wars yesterday,i`ve gone off at a complete tangent and am now contemplating building up armies for the opening conflict of 16th century Western Europe,i`ve always been interested in the Italian Wars,but all that plate armour to paint was just too much to contemplate.
I`ve been tinkering with the Schleswig-Holstein figs and i have now decided to go with a white under-coat and to shade the figs and possibly use "washes",although this was a technique i was never very good at,we`ll see how they turn out.
Over on Phil Olley`s site he speaks about the "Macdonaldisation" of our hobby,people want a quick fix paint an army up in a matter of days and then move on to the next,that`s fine if that`s what you want,me i prefer my more leisurely approach,and i genuinely enjoy having several armies/periods on the go at the same time,i really envy people like Phil who can stick to one period for years build up a beautiful collection and then move one,but is a collection ever finished?Do you ever have all the figs you need for an army?I don`t think so painting is an integral part of our hobby and i think we never just play with our figs we`re always tinkering with them in some way,re-basing or touching them up(ooer).
Makes me wonder if we`re ever satisfied.


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