Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Feeling Strangely Fine

You`ll have to excuse the use of a Semi-Sonic title for the post,but it sums up my current mood,must be the sunshine and the knowledge that Spring(or something like it)is fast approaching.

Bad news this morning,an e-mail from Duncan at Helion tells me that the Austrians won`t be available to send out until late March,i was in that "could come any day"mood,but now i know i`ll have to wait,oh well you never know the Seminoles might make it over the Atlantic one day,i`ve noticed on the Northstar site that they have started to stock one pack of the pre-order figures,so you never know my order from December 6th might not be far behind!

Grreat news about the Carlist wars book from the Perrys that should be out for March 28th,i really like the way that when the Perrys do a range they do the lot and they also give you a great deal of background info the period covered,oh nice figures too.Speaking of all things Carlist,i may have to order some figs i`m very taken with the BAL rifles and i`m thinking Richard Sharpe 30 years later(maybe his son-now would that contravene copywright-is that spelt right?).

Over in Schleswig-Holstein,1848,things progress slowly.I`m finding the figs a bit awkward to paint using my usual style and i`m thinking of going back to the old "white undercoat"method that used to work so well.Matt has posted pictures on his site of the new Schleswig mounted officer and i have to say he is a superb figure,speaking of Holstein,we currently have a 4 pack of Holsten pils on offer buy 3 for a fiver,buy a full case for a tenner.With staff discount that`s 24 bottles for£9 or £1.50 a litre sounds good to me so good i`ve got a case chilling in the fridge right now.
Anyhoo,i`ve got the house to tidy and the washing-up to do and i`ll probably stick a load of washing on before i go and pick my daughter up from nursery.



Matt said...

For a very convincing white undercoat result check out:

Very nice old school result.




Hi Matt,
Thanks for the link it`s very inspiring.