Sunday, 1 March 2009


Already!doesn`t time fly when you`re getting older and your mortality is starting to become a real issue?Will i have enough time to paint all the figs i want and game all the periods i`m interested in before i die?will England win a test match???will Man City win an effing game?It`s all pretty depressing innit?Will i ever paint those TAG Polish winged hussars that have sat in my "to do" box forever?Iknow i said that 17th century Eastern Europe was off the cards,but who was i kidding(only me)and now the Italian Wars are looming and we all know that landsknechts and Ottomans means Mohacs(1526 not 1697)so now 16th century Eastern Europe beckons,where`s Elisabeth Batory when you need her?
Before i go,it`s late and i`ve got an early start tomorrow,i am the only one who thinks all the publicity about Jade Goody is only that and that there`s nothing wrong with her or am i just an evil ,old cynic,who`ll feel really bad when she dies(my mother died of breast cancer and i don`t remember Mohammed Al Fyed giving a shit about her).


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