Friday, 13 March 2009


I`ve just seen on the Steve Dean forum that a new range of figures for the Crimean War is on the cards,there`s no mention of the manufacturer,but suffice to say if it`s one of my favourites then a new period is definitely on the way.

Which all takes me back to the halcyon days of the late 70`s when i had no money to buy figs with but plenty of time to paint them.In those sun-drenched days of school i used to buy Peter Laing 15mm figs and they used to cost 7p for infantry,14p for cavalry,21p for a mg and 28p for artillery(if memory serves).I used to save up my pocket money until i had £7 and then i`d ask my father to write me a cheque and i`d buy the required amount,always £7worth,because p&p was free on orders over £7.The point of all this is that i used to buy Crimean War figures a 15mm Russian infantryman took about 2 minutes to paint,black boots battleship grey coat and muffin cap,bit of flesh on hands and face,brown line for his musket tipped with silver and "hey presto"complete.
If i wasn`t buying Crimean figs i was buying Belgians and Austrians for 1914 and then re-fighting the table-top teasers printed in "Military Modelling"magazine and my WW1 armies used to manouvere and fight in the manner of their 18/19th century counterparts.
Was i happy,you bet i was!


johnpreece said...

Life was certainly a lot simpler in those days. Would we be happier if there were only three manufactures and no choice?

I have enjoyed reading your blog, thank you.

I also flit around in periods but as long as you never get rid ofanything then one day they will all be finished. Of course by then you will be living in a giant lead heap, but everything has a down side.

Don't let English Cricket make you bitter and twisted. Take the long term approach, I am still waiting for MJK Smith to fulfill his early potential.



Hi John,
I think i`m at the stage were all i want is a simple life.But,no,as wargamers we`ve never had it so good as a certain politician once said.
English cricket is one of my (few,but varied)obsessions,doesn`t matter how bad we get(the other night`s 20/20 we were abysmal)but i`ll always watch and support them.
I really enjoy reading your blog and it`s nice to know i`m not the only one whose plans never run to schedule(one day i`ll be complete).