Monday, 16 February 2009

Thieving BASTARDS!!!!

Once again the slime that infects our society have decided to help themselves to other peoples belongings,in other words we`ve been burgulared again.They didn`t get much,just Sarah`s handbag which contained her phone,purse,bank details etc. but that`s not the point, i bought her the bag in Turkey last summer and she loved it,it cost 245 ytl about £120,but again that`s not the bloody point it `s her bag and these thieving scumbags think they can violate our home and help themselves to our things.They also took a dvd player which contained a Laurel and Hardy dvd,which is probably worth more than the player,they also left behind well over £100 worth of easily accessible perfume which just goes to show that not only are these people shit they are stupid shit,but no doubt think they are some sort of "gangstas" as i said they are nothing more than stupid,thieving slime.Rant over they aren`t worth it.
On to more interesting things,the figs for the First Schleswig war should arrive mid-week,and a painting post will follow i`m really looking forward to getting some paint on these figs as it`s a very colourful period and should look great on the table-top.I`m still waiting for the Seminoles from Conquest but i`m waiting in hope and you never know what today`s post will bring.
Anway i`m getting pestered to let my youngest play on "bunnytown" and i need to get them ready to go out to McDonalds for lunch so i`d better go.Oh but just one last thing,surely after the start we`ve had in the Third Test(301 for 3) we can`t lose this one,or can we?



Matt said...

VERY sorry to hear about the burglary. Happened to me once. All I can say that is if I ever caught the thieving s*@!s no magistrate would need to put them on a paid holiday to rehabilitate!

Posted your figures today...but I wont mention cricket until I see it!

P.S. My eldest is trying out for Essex Juniors on Thursday!



Hi Matt,
It`s happened to me twice,now,f@*!ing b&$"*rds.

Good news about the figs and i hope your lad does really well,if he gets on at Essex he might go on to play for a proper county like the mighty Lancs.