Wednesday, 4 February 2009

First Test Match starts today,HURRAH!!!!

2.30pm and the first test between England and the West Indies gets underway,i can`t wait,i`ve reserved the BIG television for exclusive viewing rights and i have beer chillin` in da fridge mon.My beach towel is ready to be spread out and all i need are the Carib Beer girls to make the day complete,suppose i`ll settle for my 3 little angels,make that 4 or is it 5 i should count my better half as two as she is only 7 weeks away from driving the final nail into my coffin and giving birth to our fourth daughter(only kidding,Sarah).
On other fronts,Work`s still a pile of SHIT,and 99% of my colleagues are TOSSERS,still at least i`ve got my home,family and hobby to escape to(if you`re reading this Mark,yeah that is aimed at you).
Speaking of "hobby" i picked up my two pasting tables yesterday so i now have a 6ft by 4 ft gaming table,Matt Golding has made his figs available for pre-order,at a very reasonable price i may add,so Schleswig-Holstein,1848 here i come.I`ve decided to go for the orders of battle given in the wargamer`s guide to the battle of Schleswig booklet,using a 16 fig battalion size just to get things moving,and the plan is to have the armies bought,maybe even painted for the end of the year,the only distractions allowed are Helion 1866 figs,Great War Belgians and Seminoles if they ever arrive,only 2 months,but they look worth it.
I`m on day off today,so i`m cooking brekkie so i`d better get off and do it,eggy crumpets and kippers for me and ready brek for her.


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