Wednesday, 18 February 2009

502 in the lead

There is no way England are going to lose the test match,there i`ve said it and i stand by it! At least getting visited by the local scum (were they united fans?probably)has solved the problem of what to get my beloved for her B`day a new phone in the shape of a LG Cookie,job done.
The new Danes and Schleswigers have arrived,very nice "old school" looking figs they look really good as a unit and by the time i`ve got an army assembled and painted (and Man City are champions of Europe) well the table will look really good.
Forty one days to go to the due date of our happy event,at least i get two weeks away from that shit-hole i work in.
I`m suddenly rejuvenated with the hobby as a whole 1848,1866(end of the month for the Austro-Hungarians ) and ,sod it,i`m going for Carlists as well.I seriously think that Eastern Europe in the 17th Century has had it,sorry TAG i like your figs and i love the period,but i`m ony human.WW1 has taken a back seat of late but it`s only until the Belgians are released and then i`ll be back in Flanders in 1914.Oh well at least i`m now fully focused on the later 19th century(if you can call 1830`s-40`s later?) i can and at the end of the day it`s ony a hobby isn`t it?

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