Friday, 6 February 2009

And on the Third Day......

It seems like the first test is heading for a draw.As i type this the West Indies are approaching a first innings lead,with only an hour left to play on the third day it seems there is little chance of a result,still at least England won`t loose,or is that the kiss of death?
Hopefully the first battalion of Danes for the war of 1848 will be with me in the next week or so and the Helion Austrians by the end of the month,so there`s much to look forward to,i`m really looking forward to getting the 1848 project underway and i`m sure that it`s going to be the start of something approaching an obsession,in an earlier post i mentioned 16 figure battalions,but that`s just to get things moving and to build up gameable armies,i`m already toying with the idea of mid nineteenth century imagi-nations(uniformed as Danes and Germans of course) and using a larger unit organisation,but that`s for the future.
Helion are hoping to have Austrian hussars released for March,so i`ll be building up a balanced force of Austro-Hungarians for the war of 1866,along side my 1848 armies.
Sarah,my partner,is currently at work for her last shift before she begins her maternity leave and becomes a full-time mum,so with the kids in bed,even though they`re still awake,i`m going to go and make my supper and watch England finish off the West Indies tail.


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