Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Good Evening,
First up,a big thank you to Matt Golding for my first ever comment on the blog,it`s seriously appreciated.Painting has been going slowly,due to a serious case of the dreaded "man-flu" and the fact i work for a complete set of "tools".Anyhoo,i`ve only got the metal work and the heads to finish on my Helion figs and they should see the light of day,any day now(i hope).
Went to Recon in Pudsey at the weekend,it`s a nice "regional" show,but it did seem a lot quieter than previous visits,may have been the affects of the "flu!" Pre-ordered some Seminoles from Conquest at the weekend,and i am currently planning a Vietnam type game set in the 1830`s rather than the 1960`s(no Jimi Hendrix then). I`m currently awaiting the release of the Great War Minis cavalry with baited breath and they will hopefully be my last purchase before Xmas.


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