Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Great News

Ive been looking over at Matt Golding`s blog and the great news is that he has comissioned a range of 28mm figs for the first Schleswig-Holstein war of 1848-51.Nice size battles,great looking figures and ,what i really like about the mid 19th century,real "chocolate box"uniforms,definitely a project for the new year.
Speaking of projects,all mine have now been boxed up and i`m concentrating on the Austro-Prussian war of 1866.Helion have pre-released the first of the Hungarian infantry and i have pre-ordered my first battalion,these are going to be organised on a 4 figure company basis,but will have 6 companies to a battalion,3 battalions to a regt,each battalion will have a 4 figure command element which will give a regimental strength of,a massive ,84 figures.
I intend starting with IR2 "Kaiser Alexander" and then IR23"FML Baron Airoldi".
The only deviation from this plan will be the afore-mentioned first Schleswig figs,Great War minis WW1 Belgians and any WW1 cavalry for the Western front and,possibly any 17th century Eastern Europeans that grab my attention as "must-haves",but the main thrust is going to be building up my two brigade sized forces for 1866,more of which later.


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Matt said...

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the comments and looking forward to seeing your Helions.