Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Forgetting the past

Today is a great day,well actually it`s Wednesday,but today is the day i forget past projects and make a concious decision to paint and game what i want in my collection.I look at Phil Olley`s blog and think "what a great set-up--if only",but Phil`s set-up didn`t happen overnight,it`s the result of time and objectivity and that is what i now intend to bring to my collection.I`ve made my decision as to what conflicts i`m going to collect in and i`m limiting myself to 3,they are
1)The Austro-Prussian war of 1866-using Helion figures
2)The Western Front in 1914-using Great War minis and Brigade Models figures
3)Early Thirty Years war(pre Lutzen)-using figures from The Assault Group
In time these projects will expand and include other areas of the same conflicts,eg Cossack revolt of 1648,the Eastern front in 1914,and also new conflicts will be added,but for now i intend to bring the three listed above up to a gameable level.I also intend painting one item at a time and not jumping around from one to another as i`m doing at the moment.
First up there is a WW1 Belgian machine gun company from Brigade Models and some 17th century Croat and Polish cavalry from The Assault Group.If i can i will post picures of the finished models as and when they are available,but until next time,
ciao barbella,


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