Friday, 7 August 2009

Normal service has been resumed.

102 all out,says it all,ah well,we had the Ashes in our grasp,still there`s always 2011 in Australia.On a brighter note the GWM Belgians have arrived and they are stunning,and i mean STUNNING,great looking figs and the poses are pretty similar,so i could actually use them as a formed unit,who knows,the little heard of Franco-Belgian war of 1911 could soon be gamed on a table-top in Oldham.
The S-H jagers have arrived from Waterloo to Mons and they`re pretty nice too,well worth the wait.Artizan have released some Sharifan infantry in their WW1 range and i`m very tempted,although they are just British infantry with Arab head-dresses.
Next week sees the release of Helions Austrian hussars,so that`s cool.


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