Monday, 10 August 2009


Not only did i recieve the first pack of GWM WW1 Belgian infantry,then 3 days later the first pack of carbiniers turn up,so at the minute,what with the cricket finishing a couple of days early,i`m painting up one of each to get the colours right.The line infantry are pretty straightforward with very dark blue overcoats and grey-blue trousers,but according to the Osprey book,the carbiniers` dark green coats were actually black and their "marengo grey"trousers varied in shade.So i`ve gone with the Foundry "Russian Green"palette for the coats(it`s a green shade of black,i know what i mean) and i`m using the "Granite"palette for the trousers,it`s a brownish shade of grey and it looks right to me,so i`m happy.At the moment i`ve only painted the coats and trousers so the figs still look very dark,but once i get some flesh on them they should start to brighten up.
I`ve just finished watching "Mongol"so i`ve now got the urge to go and buy some TAG Tartars and start dabbling in 17th century Eastern Europe again,maybe one day?


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Fraxinus said...

Not that impressed with the pics in Ospreys book not as good as it could have been, awaiting my GW belgians to add to my belgian metal collection my colours can be found here for carabiniers and line inf