Saturday, 13 June 2009


Well the 20/20 cricket world cup is upon us and the mighty "Proteas" powered to their 6th straight 20/20 victory,a world record,and Pakistan crushed the Kiwis,and Sri-Lanka are still unbeaten where are England?Well we`re still in it(just) after the humiliation of losing to Holland and the pasting handed to us by South Africa on Thursday evening we need to beat the current world champions,India,tomorrow afternoon or it`s curtains.Let`s hope they can do it and keep our hopes alive for a little longer at least.
The new Osprey about the Belgian army in WW1 arrived today and it`s t`rific,i hope it presages the release of the (promised for so long) range of early war Belgians from Great War Minis.I can honestly see a Franco-Belgian conflict set in about 1910 on the cards,that`d be fun.Speaking of fun,i`ve been delving into the "War Game Companion" quite a lot just recently and i am seriously thinking about nicking Charles Grant`s ideas and moving them on 100 years and using Warterloo to Mons and Helion figs to represent the VFS and Grand Duchy of Lorraine in their mid-19th century incarnations,i don`t think copyright would be a problem,would it?
Lastly,on the subject of new figs Rifraf minis( have released the first of their Rifian war(1920`s variant) Spanish infantry and very attractive they look too,i`ve got the first 16 Rifs still to paint and then i think i`ll treat myself to the first 16 Spaniards(i was tempted to a flirtation with early Medieval Russia using Gripping Beast`s 28mm range but i think i`m over it,all those horses,all that armour and the size of those crossbowman`s hands,yeuch).Speaking of treats Waterloo to Mons` Schleswig-Holstein jaegers should be available by the end of the month and along with the Helion Austro-Hungarian hussars are definitely on my wants list (yes that is a hint,Sarah)

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