Tuesday, 2 June 2009

It`s been a while

Since my last post,a combination of new baby(she`s gorgeous,only seven and a half weeks and she`s already sleeping for six hours at night and shows all the signs she likes cricket,just like her eldest sister),a complete twat for a boss(he`s not my boss,he`s a c*&t)and aol taking the piss with our wireless connection(i`m back downstairs using the DSL cable).
But what`s been happening on the hobby front,well Susan Boyle really,that`s a big fat zero,(Susan Boyle rhymes with "fuck all" says everything really).I`ve bought some books,an absolute belter about Baron Ungern-Sternberg and the various atrocities he commited in Mongolia in 1920-21,and the "Wargames Companion",which i`m enjoying,but i find a somewhat cynical attempt to cash in on the current renewal of interest in "old-school wargames",don`t get me wrong i like it a lot and i`m getting a lot of inspiration from it,maybe it`s just me.On the figure front i`ve ordered the WW1 British artillery limber from Great War Minis,at £25 a go i think it`s going to be a one off purchase and i just hope it`s worth the price,can`t wait for those Belgians.I`m struggling against Empress Minis and their Anglo-Zulu war range,after Isandlwhana,what`s the point,but they intend covering the war in great detail,i just can`t imagine painting 400plus Zulus,although there`d be no cavalry,well very few anyway.Anglian continue to tempt me with their Italian excursion into Abysinnia in the 1930`s,i just wish i could find a good book on the subject and work out what to do with the figs.
Musketeer have released Russian pikemen for the GNW and to be honest i was a little dis-appointed,they don`t seem to have the same detail or production of the earlier figs in the range,a little bit like they were rushed out in an attempt to keep the GNW fans amongst us interested let`s face it this is the 300th anniversary of Poltava,which has got to be one of the most crucial battles of all time(i suppose all battles are crucial for the poor sods who have to fight in them),still let`s hope they release some more Russians and Swedes and keep up the very high standards the Swedish and Russian musketeers attained when they were first released.


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