Friday, 19 October 2007

Told you so

Well that didn`t take long. Musketeer Miniatures release GNW Swedish flags and i just have to buy one,then i buy some Swedish pikemen to go with the box of Swedish infantry that live in the cupboard next to the sink,all this time the Sikh artillerymen stand folornly on their shelf watching. So,the new plan- Copplestone Chinese spearmen by the end of next week(26/10) and then Swedish infantry Upplands regiment by the end of my hols.(04/11) YEAH RIGHT!!!! Speaking of plans i planned to visit the gym after work tonight,finish at 6.30pm train for an hour(legs and a bit of cardio-vascular work- that`s an exercise bike to me and you ) showered and out for 8.00pmand home for 8.30pm easy. Not a bit of it at 6.29pm the area manager walks in and i`m running round the food hall like an idiot attempting to bring some sort of order to the chaos that is Morrison`s Oldham branch at that time on a Friday night.The end result was i left work at 8.20pm and i`m in an hour early in the morning to try and sort out the fall-out from his visit,ain`t life great?

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