Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Early Days

Well day one really.I`ve started this blog basically to give my hobby life some direction and i`m going to use it as a tool to plot and record my successes or lack of them with regard to the hobby orientated goals i set myself. My main hobby is wargaming and basically i have no focus with regard to the various collections of figures i am attempting to put together,it only needs a new figure release and i`m off , all my plans come to nothing whilst i`m in the grip of the latest craze.So, i`m going to start setting myself some targets.At the moment i`ve recieved my first packs of Foundry Sikh war artillery and i`m expecting some Copplestone castings Chinese bandits any day,so the first target is a full Sikh horse artillery crew painted up by Sunday followed by a unit of Chinese spearmen then i`m on holiday for a week,i get paid and i need to crack on with some early WW1 Germans if Great War minis have released them by then.

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