Saturday, 3 October 2009


I don`t know why,but i`ve got the painting bug at the minute and i`ve actually painted three days running.The lucky recipients of all this attention are six Helion Austro-Hungarian infantrymen and whilst six may not be a very high number of figs it`s good for me.I`m hoping to finish them tomorrow and then start another six on Monday(although i do go back to work on Monday).
As i said earlier i don`t know why i`ve got this urge to paint,maybe it`s the realisation that if i don`t get a sizeable number of figs painted soon i`m never going to get to game anything,also with the release of a very nice range of 28mm figs for the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78,just imagine Bulgarians and Rumanians fighting against the Turks,and i believe there`s talk of a range of 28mm figs for the Hungarian uprising of 1848 in the offing(from Great War Miniatures no less) I need to get my skates on.


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