Wednesday, 15 July 2009


To be perfectly honest,inspiration,has been sadly lacking of late,i`ve reached a place where i know what figs i want and i don`t seem to be getting tempted by passing fancies the way i used to.
GWM have released some WW1 dis-mounted cavalry for the BEF,but they`re in moving poses rather than the firing line i was hoping for,still at least they`re here and i believe that French and German cavalry are in the pipeline so that`s all good,the only ones lacking are Belgians and then the Western Front in 1914 will be all systems go.
I`m waiting for Waterloo to Mons to release marching infantry before i buy any more figs although i`ll be ordering the S-H jagers as soon as they become available on the site,hopefully the end of the week should see them here,the mounted command figs are super little castings,so the cavalry should be a treat.Speaking of cavalry the Helion Austrian hussars should be out soon,and the pre-production figs are looking great.
Finally TAG have got some figs of Spanish artillery on the work-bench page,along with a very impressive looking Hernan Cortes personality figure,some Conquistador dog handlers,and dogs,and for me the pick of the bunch,a fully armoured Spanish Sergeant who,i think,would look equally at home leading a Scottish pike block at Flodden,as slaughtering Aztec priests,or struggling up the Amazon in search of El Dorado,although in full plate armour i think Central America would be extremely uncomfortable.


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First Test! First Test! First Test! First Test!...I could go on !